SEMİNER DUYURUSU: “Autonomy and Teacher Training for the 21st Century Skills”

SEMİNER TARİHİ VE SAATİ:  16 Kasım 2018, 11.00-12.30
SEMİNER KONUSU:  “Autonomy and Teacher Training for the 21st Century Skills”

YER:  Trakya Üniversitesi Yabancı Diler Yüksekokulu Konferans Salonu





Prof. Dr. Birsen Tütüniş  has received her PhD from University of Sussex. She has been working in our field  as an English instructor, a lecturer and  an administrator for years. Her academic research interests and publications are on CALL, Language Learning Strategies and Styles, and Teacher Training. Her recent interest lies in Teacher Professional  Development .
She has served as IATEFL TTEd SIG coordinator for several years. She is currently the Events Coordinator of TTEd SIG. Prof Tütüniş holds a senior lecturer position at Istanbul Kultur University, Foreign Languages Department. She has been the key note speaker and given presentations at different international ELT Conferences. She is in the editorial board of  “ELT Research Journal”. She is the Honorary Member of AzETA in Azerbeijan. 
“Autonomy and Teacher Training for the 21st Century Skills”
Teacher education in the 21st century gains more importance with the growing interest in the 21st century learner. Scholars carry out researches and propose different models to bring excellence to teacher education ( NIE, VSK Model, 2009). Learners’ development of 21st century skills of three Ls            ( Learning Skills, Literacy Skills and Life Skills) depend on teacher competencies and beliefs on autonomy.
This paper will first display the VISK model and the EPLTE; the aims and objectives of teacher training designed by European Profile of Language Teacher Education : A Frame of Reference which has been designed after a period of careful thought and experience (Kelly, Grenfell, Allan, Kriza, & McEvoy, 2004). It will then  focus on Foreign Language Teacher Education Programmes in Turkey. The questions raised by the presenter on Turkish FLTE programmes will be answered in relation with the 21st century skills development both in language learning and teaching, giving examples from 3rd and 4th year student teachers’ performances.
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